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Modded Server Crashing without doing any Crash Report.

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Hello, i'm trying to do a Modded Server with 160 - 180 mods, i start the server and the same starts to Loading.. all ok but in 1 to 4 minutes loading (depending on the RAM supplied to the server) the server window only closes. don't do any Crash Report and the only thing this do is a log.


I can't find the problem in the files or in the mods... in the SP works fine

Version of Server/Minecraft: 1.7.10

Forge Version: Latest 1.7.10-

Installed Jar Mods??> Only FML on the principal (SP is LiteLoader) in server have a lot of mods.

Mods Crashing> Don't do a Crash-Report only closes...


Github error>




I find the Dynamic lights is crashing a time ago. when i took off the Dynamic lights the server only closes now.. but stays don't doing a Crash Report.. only LOGS


Obs: Have Animation API for Ars Magica 2

Obs²: I'm using Biomes O' Plenty World Generator

Obs³: My primary lenguage is Portuguese... sorry for english errors


Edit: Java 8 update 45

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