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No "MOD" tab on my start screen for 1.7 and lower... HELP!


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I have just reloaded my Minecraft after recently reinstalling window. I am not seeing the MOD tab on my startup screen, even though I have the mods in my mod file. Am I forgetting something to install that I had done years ago? I did read and vaguely remember deleting the Meta file in the .bin folder, but I am not seeing those either


Thanks in advance!



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Yes, I ran the Forge Installer. All I see on my splash screen is Single Player, Multiplayer, Minecraft Realms, Options, & Quit Game tab. I remember on  the side there was listed the versions of Forge and so forth, now it only shows, for example "Minecraft 1.7.2" No Mods Tab

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Here is a screenshot of my profile page with the 1.7.2 from the forge site:




When I try to launch the Minecraft game with the Forge installed version loaded, it just goes back to my desktop and the game does not load. I even checked my Task Bar, and there is no Minecraft there. Here is a screenshot of the launcher right before it goes off




I am not sure why this happens. I can load the regular Minecraft and play saved worlds, but not with Forge



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Strange, I ran the latest 1.8 Forge installer and it worked BUT NOTHING below 1.8 will. They just cause the Minecraft loader page to exit...






Here is the installer I used:




Any Ideas why this one worked, and not the earlier ones so I can play previous mods?

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Thank you diesieben07! I am able to see the mods now! I thought any installer would work as long as it matched the mods numbers in the Forge post.


Anyways, thank you so much to ALL of you for you help with this!

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