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A question of the type of bug/issues reports you want?


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Just to clarify for myself to avoid me posting issues that you have no interest in.


a) Do you want bug reports on non "recommended builds" versions of forge?


b) If so, do you want interaction bugs/issues with other mods? The Topic pinned post clearly states that "This is NOT a forum for other mods...".


As an example my first post was a "problem with my 4096 fix", should it not have been posted here? Since the 4096 is a .jar mod it might then fall under the "Do not speak about any mod that is stupid enough to edit base files without using Forge that, as such, is incompatible with Forge." rule.


As for forge .121 I can't get Portalgun to start. (For .120 it works) is that something to post as a bug here?

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with MCForge the mods in the mods folder have to be in .jar or .zip format, whereas portalgun has a folder in the mods folder which means that MCForge cannot find the mod_ file and will not load the mod. If i am wrong please let me know, thanks

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Forge related bugs in non-recomended builds is probably a good thing to report on.

But as with ANY bug report, make sure you check out the latest versions and make sure you understand if its been addressed and resolved or not.


As for things like 4096, yes that falls under the stupid mod that isnt keeping up with forge.

That one particularly just needs to update and will RARELY work with anything higher then the version it was built for.


Anyways go ahead and post your portalgun issue, however, it is probably a FML issue, not a Forge issue so you need to learn how to distinguish that.

But, I have see an issue with PortalGun and I think I know what it is. I'm pretty sure you can blaim it on crazyputje

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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