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[1.7.10] NullPointerException: Ticking block entity


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Hey everyone~


Whilst making an infuser block (2 inputs, 1 output, no fuel) I stumbled upon this crash:




The code that goes with the mod is here:




The line that apparantly gives a NullPointer is: ItemStack stack = SeedInfuserRecipes.instance().getInfusingResult(slots[0].getItem(), slots[1].getItem());

I've checked and that line should only be null if I would not have specified any recipes, which I did. In another mod this (almost exact) same code is working. Anyone who can enlighten me?



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I specify it in a class called CraftingHandler and register it in my commonproxy.


SeedInfuserRecipes.addInfusing(Items.melon_seeds, Items.magma_cream, new ItemStack(ModItems.fireMelonSeeds));


That's the line that registers it. I forgot to tell but the crash occurs whenever I place this recipe into the gui. (This is the only recipe I've registered for the block as a test.)

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If you checked the load orders then I don't know. The only thing I could think about is that you might be loading your items after the recipes get initialized, but I don't think you did that. I'm pretty sure you did that right. I'll think some more, if I think of something I will get back to you.

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I see what you mean, Weird thing is that I do exactly the same thing in another mod of mine and it works. I should probably get rid of the loop though since as far as I know it does not add anything except for just another crash possibility.


Thanks anyways :) Now I just gotta fix shift clicking and this block is done~

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