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Forge 10.13.4 Minecraft 1.7.10


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Forge Version: 1.7.10-

Minecraft Version: 1.7.10




Minecraft Forge 10.13.4 Changelog:



  • New Player sensitive version of Block.getPickBlock
  • New Explosion Start and Detonate events
  • Added "sand" to the OreDictionary
  • New CreateSpawnPosition event to control inital world generation
  • New LivingHealEvent
  • New PotionBrewEvent.Pre/Post. To allow for modification and cancelation of Brewing
  • Changed ToolMaterial's repair material to ItemStack version to allow metadata sensitive versions.
  • Improved Control of Enchantment.canApplyTogether() in Mod Enchantments, allowing both enchantments to determine if they can apply together.
  • Expand PlayerWakupEvent to expose the three parameters passed into EntityPlayer.wakeUp.
  • White stained glass can now use any white dye listed in the Ore Dictionary.
  • Blocks can now render in multiple render passes, allowing for semi-translucent block parts.
  • Performance improvements in Block and Item Registries.
  • Now supports logging into servers with the correct dimension ID when the player has logged out in a world with a dimension ID that is outside the bounds of a byte.
  • Common errors are now more detailed, making crash reports a bit more useful
  • Force load anonymous classes used in Crash reports. Prevents real crashes being hidden behind NoClassFound exceptions.
  • Mods defined by --mods or --modListFile will now be checked for CoreMods.
  • New EventBus performance ehnancements, Events no longer use as much reflection when creating.
  • Cleaned up missing texture spam in logs caused by poorly written mods.
  • Mods can now supply custom language adaptors, allowing mods to support more then just scala and java.
  • New OreDictionary functions to NOT register ores when queried.
  • Added the ability for mod pack creators to help specify sorting order and dependancies, see https://gist.github.com/cpw/d3edc292631708f2d454 for more information.
  • Add in an ItemStackHolder, similiar to ObjectHolder - a way to inject ItemStacks without having to have complex lookup code everywhere. Example: https://gist.github.com/cpw/9af398451a20459ac263
  • MASSIVELY reduced the default logged messages, downside of this is we MAY require you to enable some log features if you have rare errors.


Bug Fix:

  • Fixed Desert loot chest generation
  • Fixed vanilla bug where item slots in invetory would be rendered black.
  • Fixed issue where WavefrontObject's did not support . in group names.
  • Fixed bug where overworld weather would effect players in other dimensions.
  • Fixed CommandBlock Minecart giving wrong item in creative.
  • Fixed render issue with custom fluids when immersed in them.
  • Fixed issue where players transfering between dimensions would have wrong world info.
  • Fixed break speed of quartz_ore.
  • Fixed invalid argument being passed to Block.isNormalCube from World.updateNeighbors.
  • Fixed texture stitcher not using all avalible spaces.
  • Fixed messages not being added to the chat history and ClientCommandHandler not being called when sleeping.
  • Fixed Stained Glass panes rendering incorrectly next to custom blocks.
  • Fixed sending clickable links in chat
  • Fixed issue on client where TileEntites would reset impropely from chunk updates.
  • Fixed fluid tanks reading incorrect NBT data.
  • Fixed potential NPEs in Structure code caused by componenets not being able to load.
  • Fixed issues with Item/Block registry and active subsitutions.
  • Fixed Acheivements screen rendering oddly when zooming.
  • Fixed removing of ItemBlocks still claiming the ID. Modders must tell us when this is intetional to free the ID.
  • Fixed crash while reading user info cache's json file.
  • New config option to disable 'spawnFuzz' which is the randomization of spawning locations for players.
  • Fixed ID syncing between client and server for fluids.
  • Fixed TraceingPrintStream and Kotlin IO interaction.
  • Fixed issue where crashes in coremods would sometimes fail to crash the game itself.
  • Fixed issue where logging would format the string multiple times causing invalid output.
  • Fixed issue where mods claiming chunk loading tickets would not use the config values properly.
  • Fixed issue where custom ArmorMaterial's would cause crashes.
  • Fixed potential race consition that could cause fluids to bail out when connecting to SSP games.


Major New Feature:

Fluid Registry Changes:

Creating invalid FluidStacks will now cause an exception. Also fixed issue where fluids would overwrite old registry values. This was never intended to function correctly and any mod that does so is probably broken in more ways. The register fucntion returns a boolean for a reason, if that is false {which it always has been in these cases} your fluid is NOT registerd and should NOT be used directly.


To maske this more clear when you do most common mistakes now it logs big warnings or exceptions.


FluidStacks are not more like ItemStacks where they will silently update to the correct Fluid when the registry is reassigned. Such as connecting to a server or old world.


Mods were also hacking into the fluid registry using ASM/Reflection to screw around with things and cause invalid mappings. The registry will now attempt to verify itself and error out if it detects errors. Modders, nothing prevents you from using the front door. Quit hacking crap -.-


'Missing Resources' Cleanup:

Ah yes, people complain about this all the time, but its simply modders being stuipid once again. ADD YOUR RESOURCES PROPERLY.

But due to the amount of bitching and hacks that were breaking other mods to stop this. We have cleaned up the messages into a single post-resource load "These are the textures you're missing and where they should be!" table instead of stack traces.




[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]: +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]: The following texture errors were found.

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]: ==================================================

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]:  DOMAIN minecraft

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]: --------------------------------------------------

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]:  domain minecraft is missing 1 texture

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]:    domain minecraft has 4 locations:

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]:      unknown resourcepack type net.minecraft.client.resources.DefaultResourcePack : Default

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]:      mod ganyssurface resources at C:\Users\Lex\Downloads\ATLauncher\Instances\JourneytotheCore\mods\Ganys Surface-1.11.0.jar

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]:      mod journeymap resources at C:\Users\Lex\Downloads\ATLauncher\Instances\JourneytotheCore\mods\JourneyMap5.0.1_Unlimited_MC1.7.10.jar

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]:      resource pack at path C:\Users\Lex\Downloads\ATLauncher\Instances\JourneytotheCore\resourcepacks\Fanver_Journey_To_The_Core.zip

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]: -------------------------

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]:    The missing resources for domain minecraft are:

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]:      textures/blocks/MISSING_ICON_BLOCK_1333_Armor_Combiner.png

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]: -------------------------

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]:    No other errors exist for domain minecraft

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]: ==================================================

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]: ==================================================

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]:  DOMAIN missing_icon_item_4595_extrautils

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]: --------------------------------------------------

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]:  domain missing_icon_item_4595_extrautils is missing 1 texture

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]:    domain missing_icon_item_4595_extrautils is missing a resource manager - it is probably a side-effect of automatic texture processing

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]: -------------------------

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]:    The missing resources for domain missing_icon_item_4595_extrautils are:

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]:      textures/items/microblocks.png

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]: -------------------------

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]:    No other errors exist for domain missing_icon_item_4595_extrautils

[18:58:51] [Client thread/ERROR] [TEXTURE ERRORS/]: ==================================================



NBTBomb Security Issue:

A long standing security issue has come to light, clients could send specially crafted NBT data that would cause the server to allocate large amounts of ram. This issue has been fixed in Forge and in 1.8+ Minecraft.

See https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/commit/de066a86da281d381b0e3ab9e83682720327049c


Installer Change:

The installer will now use Mojang's new 'inherited' format for the launcher. This prevents duplication of the vanilla jar. And allows for Mojang to update libraries in Forge versions. Such as when they update the AuthLib. This greatly simplifies library management for modded enviroments as well as saves redundancy in your .minecraft folder.


Loading Screen:

Thanks to Fry for working on a new loading screen for Forge.

You can see it in action below, it works on 99% of end users computers, however some OSX/Linux graphics drivers, and some mod combinations do not behave with it correctly.

So, we have added the option to disable it. Simply go into .minecraft/config/splash.properties and set enabled=false.

If Forge detects one of the common errors it will automatically disable this entry and show a error message in the log stating that you should simply try running it again. But if all else fails you can manually disable it as previously stated.

It works with 99% of users, and it's far better then just a 'not responding' screen so it's enabled by default.



FML and Forge Official Merge:

FML and Forge have always shipped together, but for my own sanity and easier maintainability FML and Forge are now in the same github repository. FML will no longer be shipped standalone because nobody ever used it. And eventually everything in FML will be merged directly into Forge. Code and packages will most likely stay the same so modders, don't worry! This is mainly just a ease of development {no longer having to push to 4 repositories every time I change FML}

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/lexmanos
Paypal: http://paypal.me/LexManos

BitCoin: 1Q8rWvUNMM2T1ZfDaFeeYQyVXtYoeT6tTn

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