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Gradle can't DL forge Libs 403


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http://puu.sh/in6H1.log my build log


http://puu.sh/in6Ie.gradle my build.gradle



    Failed to get resource: GET. [HTTP HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden: https://libraries.minecraft.net/net/minecraftforge/forge/1.7.10-]


What? minecraft.net? is gradle drunk?


EDIT 2 :

    Is forge normally hosted on minecraft.net??? Or did I modify something wrong?

this is the default build.gradle in latest froge http://puu.sh/in7ob.gradle


EDIT 3 :

    http://puu.sh/in7F3.log Detailed build log


EDIT 4 :

    I moved my src folder, accesstransformer and build.gradle to another folder and only those as seen here http://puu.sh/in8oM.png

opened cmd and ran "gradle build dev" and it worked without a single problem... What is wrong with my dev enviroment?

my bat for building runs this "gradle build dev --stacktrace --debug > buildlog.log" so nothing in that could've broken it

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You need to run one of the setup workspace functions before running build.

Gradle needs to GENERATE the forge library, as we do not have legal permission to ship pre-built patched mojang code we have to generate it.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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