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[1.7.10] No mod items spawning after breaking a mod block


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So I am just creating test mods to practice, and I came up with this lovely bug where any time I break a modded block, it will not allow me to drop separate items as the drop.


It will allow me to drop standard minecraft items such as an apple, and it follows the proper quantity I tell it to, but then I just change:




        private Item drop = Item.apple; (standard minecraft item works)

private int meta = 0;

private int minQuantity = 1;

private int maxQuantity = 5;



        private Item drop = MItems.SoulShard; (where MItems is the class where I initialize and register my items) (SoulShard is the class where I set item variables and such with constructors)

private int meta = 0;

private int minQuantity = 1;

private int maxQuantity = 5;


Please, if you need any other information or have any idea about why this is happening, tell me!



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This is because if you are doing things right, you initialize all of your Blocks before your Items, and thus your custom Item reference to SoulShard is still null at the time you assign it.


That's the reason Block has methods to return the Item it should drop, rather than storing it as a class field like you are trying to do. To resolve your issue, use the methods provided.

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