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Help with crafting


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Hi fellow modders! I just need a quick favor. Im in 1.6.4 and i want to know how I can make a crafting recipe somewhat like a cake, where when you craft the cake, it gives the bucket back when you take the item from the crafting table. Instead, I would like a recipe something like that, where i can get an item back from the crafting grid after the recipe is completed.


Thanks to anyone who answers in advance, and dont hesitate to ask questions if i wasnt clear. :D


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All I did for my container item was: nameofitem = new Item().setUnlocalizedName("nameofitem").setContainerItem(NameOfContainerItem);

This should work, and if not just do what diesieben07 said


Hey dude! "nameofitem = new Item().setUnlocalizedName("nameofitem").setContainerItem(NameOfContainerItem);" didnt work out for me, neither did diesieben07's way of doing it. My code looks like this :             


PortableJuicer = new NewItem(2034, "PortableJuicer").setContainerItem(PortableJuicer);

        GameRegistry.registerItem(PortableJuicer, "PortableJuicer");

        LanguageRegistry.addName(PortableJuicer, "Portable Juicer");


And it still doesnt work when I craft with it. It just disappears after crafting. Any more help?

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First of all... LanguageRegistry? Nope.


You set the containerItem to null...


Hey diesiben07, I was taught a different way to code the item. I only have been coding for about 4 months, and I know some Java, but im new to MCP, so pardon my mistakes. Right now I have this code, and it still doesnt work:


        PortableJuicer = new NewItem(2034, "PortableJuicer").setUnlocalizedName("Portable Juicer").setContainerItem(null);

        GameRegistry.registerItem(PortableJuicer, "PortableJuicer");


If this doesnt work, is there a example code for this I can look at?

Thanks in advance

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Here is an example of what I did.


public static ITEMCLASS nameofitem;


public static void initItems()


    nameofitem = new Item().setUnlocalizedName("nameofitem").setContainerItem(nameofOTHERitem);



The reason it is null is because you are initializing it on the same line you are trying to use it. So therefore when it tries to access it during initialization, it returns null, So you could either initialized the item then on the next line set its container item like so:


nameofitem = new Item().setUnlocalizedName("nameofitem");



or a bit of a better way is to use two separate items, one is the one used in crafting the other is the container item, like a milk bucket and bucket


nameofanitem = new Item().setUnlocalizedName("nameofanitem").setContainerItem(nameofitem);

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dude learn how to code minecraft, + look at vanilla code. also why coding it in 1.6.4


I'm enrolled in a Minecraft Modding class that also teaches Java, and we code in 1.6.4, then move to 1.7.10 and 1.8. I'm relatively new to MCP and I do know how to look for code in the files, but its not that easy for a newbie to do it.

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