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setTextureName method not working


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I am trying to make my first item, but for some reason the setTextureName method gives me an error that says "The method setTextureName(String) is undefined for the type ItemKey". But, when I do certain things to the code such as change "MODID" in the setTextureName method to "modid", the error for setTextureName disappears and I instead get an error for modid, (which makes sense). Also, if I remove the quotation marks from the colon in the setTextureName method, the error on setTextureName once again goes away, but I get errors on the colon, + sign, and "key". Since I am relatively new to modding I might be missing something obvious.


package com.arti.artismod;


import net.minecraft.item.Item;

import net.minecraft.creativetab.CreativeTabs;


public class ItemKey extends Item {

    private String name = "key";

    public ItemKey() {

        setUnlocalizedName(ArtisMod.MODID + "_" + "key");

        setTextureName(ArtisMod.MODID + ":" + "key");




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I found this webpage and made the changes that were suggested, and I don't get any errors, but when I try to enter my minecraft world I get this error, "Forge Mod Loader detected missing blocks/items. There are 1 missing blocks and items in this save. If you continue the missing blocks/items will get removed. A world backup will be automatically created in your saves directory. Missing Blocks/Items: arti_artismod:Key"


The webpage:


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