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Two Mods add the same Block - How can I chose which Version to craft?


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Hello guys,


I am working on a private mod pack for MC 1.7.10 using Forge which contains several mods that add their own metals and their own metal storage blocks. For example I have Thermal Foundation + Expansion installed in combination with Project Red.


Both mods have a recipe for nine silver ingots to be crafted into a "Block of Silver" or "Silver Block". Currently, when I craft nine silver ingots into a block, I get the "Block of Silver" from Red Power. What I want to know is: How I can change that so that I get the "Silver Block" from Thermal Expansion? If possible I would like to be able to change this on a block by block basis, so that I could for example have the Silver Block from Thermal Expansion and the Lead Block from Industrial Craft.


I have researched and experimented for two hours already but I have found NOTHING that comes even close to my problem. I can't believe I am the only one who has this issue. What I've tried so far:


->Looking for a way to change the IDs manually to disable the blocks I don't want, but apparently IDs are now handled internally(?) However, earlier during my modpack creation an ID conflict occurred which had to be fixed manually but I can't remember for the life of me how and where I could manually set the IDs, because Forge just said: "Here's the conflict, here's the path, you fix it." (Actually I thought abouttriggering another ID conflict just to get to this message again. :P)


->Since I added Thermal Expansion first to the mod pack and its IDs were lower than those of Project Red, I tried running the game once without Thermal Foundation + Expansion and then re-adding them. The IDs of TF+TE are now significantly higher that those of Project Red, but that was about the only change that occurred. My problem persisted.




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There's an auto-dictionary from Mariculture which you can put one type of silver block in on the "Blueprint" slots (The slot saying I want this block/item to be this type) and then the input slot you put in a different kind of that block/item and get the one in the blueprint slot.


Forge provides the option for recipes to be registered as an ore-dictionary recipe, meaning if there are nine "ingotSilver" in the crafting grid, it gives one Silver block. However if two mods register a recipe for that with a different output, I'm not sure what happens.

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