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[1.7.10] Multipart Mob Hitbox visibility?


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I've been trying to make an entity made of multiple parts, therefore it can have multiple hitboxes. However, the problem is that I can't see the hitboxes by pressing f3 + B. I saw a post (http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,6258.0.html) with code making them visible, but I can't place it anywhere in my mod properly. So, where do I need to put this code, or is there an easier way now?

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Well, the code you referenced here is outdated. It is replaced by a much shorter version, which you can see at


in the class described there. These lines right around here:

float f2 = p_85094_1_.width / 2.0F;
AxisAlignedBB axisalignedbb = AxisAlignedBB.getBoundingBox(p_85094_2_ - (double)f2, p_85094_4_, p_85094_6_ - (double)f2, p_85094_2_ + (double)f2, p_85094_4_ + (double)p_85094_1_.height, p_85094_6_ + (double)f2);
RenderGlobal.drawOutlinedBoundingBox(axisalignedbb, 16777215);


You now can repeat that code inside a for loop for each of the entity's parts, as shown in your thread. The entity you need is the first argument passed to this method.


You cannot put it in this method, so you have to copy the code and put ut in for example your main entity renderig method.

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