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[Solved][1.8] "Ghost" entity not responding to movement, gravity, etc


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So I'm attempting to get around the new restriction on eyeHeight by using setRenderViewingEntity and a camera entity, but I'm having a problem with my entity not gaining motion. It works absolutely fine if I spawn it in with a spawn egg, so I assume I'm making a stupid mistake with how I'm spawning it.




public void spawnCamera(){

if(this.getCamera() == null && player.worldObj.isRemote){

camera = new EntitySlideCam(player.worldObj);

camera.setLocationAndAngles(player.posX, player.posY, player.posZ, player.rotationYaw, player.rotationPitch);






It's inside a class where I keep extended properties for the player, and I'm pretty sure it has to have something to do with where I'm getting the world. Is there anything that spawn eggs do that I'm not doing? I believe it's registered correctly, or it shouldn't work with the spawn egg.... I'm very confused with it. None of the code in the entity is interfering with it because I also can't manually spawn this test entity and have the motion update:



public class EntityTest extends EntityMob{

public EntityTest(World par1World) {






public void onUpdate(){


this.motionX = 100;






Let me know if you can shed any insight on the issue!

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