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[1.7.10] how to load non vanilla chunks


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I have a mod where for each chunk there are a set of variables that go with it, i.e surfaceTemp, absolute humidity, water exposed to sun ect. It would be silly and inefficient to add these to the chunk class itself through a core-mod  so i made my own class that is very small and just hold those vars for a particular coordinates.

package src.IVWeather.util;

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;

import net.minecraft.block.Block;
import net.minecraft.entity.Entity;
import net.minecraft.init.Blocks;
import net.minecraft.util.MathHelper;
import net.minecraft.world.World;
import net.minecraft.world.biome.*;
import net.minecraft.world.chunk.Chunk;
import src.IVWeather.entity.*;

public class IVChunkDefinition{

public int positionX;
public int positionZ;
public float surfaceTemp;
public float absoluteHumidity;
public float relativeHumidity;
public int exposedWSurface;
public double exposedDirectSunlight;
public double evaporationRate;
public Chunk chunk;
private boolean[] canSeeArray = new boolean[4096];
public float kilogramsOfWater;
public boolean needUpdate;
private int ID;

public IVChunkDefinition() {


public IVChunkDefinition(int x, int z) {
	positionX = x;
	positionZ = z;

BiomeGenBase bgb;
private double evaporationTick;

public boolean[] getCanSeeArray() {
	return canSeeArray;

private float biomeDefaultRHumidity(BiomeGenBase biome) {
	if(biome instanceof BiomeGenDesert | biome instanceof BiomeGenSnow | biome instanceof BiomeGenMesa) {
		return 25f;
	}else if(biome instanceof BiomeGenForest){
		return 75;
	}else if(biome instanceof BiomeGenPlains){
		return 75;
	}else if(biome instanceof BiomeGenJungle){
		return 90;
	}else if(biome instanceof BiomeGenTaiga){
		return 50;
	}else if(biome instanceof BiomeGenHills){
		return 70;
	}else if(biome instanceof BiomeGenRiver |  biome instanceof BiomeGenOcean |  biome instanceof BiomeGenBeach){
		return 90;
	}else if(biome instanceof BiomeGenSavanna){
		return 50;
		return 75;		

public boolean check(World world, Chunk chunk) {
	this.chunk = chunk;
	int y = chunk.getTopFilledSegment();
		for(int f = 1; f < 16; f++) {
			for(int z = 1; z < 16; z++) {
				for(int y2 = 1; y2 < y; y2++) {
					if(chunk.canBlockSeeTheSky(f, y2, z)) {
						if(chunk.getBlock(f, y2, z) == Blocks.water) {
							this.canSeeArray[f * y2 * z] = true;
						if(chunk.getBlock(f, y2, z) == null) {
							return false;
		return true;

public double updateWaterValue(BiomeGenBase bgb, int timeSinceRain, boolean isDayTime, Block topblock, float airTemp) {
	if(bgb == BiomeGenBase.ocean) {
		return 100;
	}else if(timeSinceRain <= 0){
		return 100;
	}else if(isDayTime == true){
		double pws = BiomeTemperature.maxSaturationPressureWV(this.surfaceTemp); 
		double Xs = BiomeTemperature.ratioOfTheComplexHumidityThing((5f/9f) * (this.surfaceTemp - 32f) + 273f);
		double X = kilogramsOfWater / (1.293 - kilogramsOfWater);
		double O;
		List listlist = new ArrayList();
		if(isEntityPresent(listlist)) {
			for(int u = 0; u < listlist.size(); u++) {
				EntityWeatherParcel ewp = (EntityWeatherParcel) listlist.get(u);
				O = ewp.getVelocity() * 20;
				this.evaporationRate = (O * this.exposedWSurface) * (Xs - X);

			this.evaporationRate = this.exposedWSurface * (Xs - X);
		this.evaporationTick = (this.evaporationRate / Math.pow(60, 2)) / 20;

		return this.evaporationTick;

	return 0;

public boolean isEntityPresent(List par3list) {
	boolean istrue = false; 
    for (int k = 0; k <= 16; k++) {
    	List list1 = this.chunk.entityLists[k];
    	for (int l = 0; l < list1.size(); l++)
          Entity entity1 = (Entity)list1.get(l);
          if(entity1 instanceof EntityWeatherParcel) {
        	  istrue = true;
    return istrue;



How would i go about getting the chunks from their coordinates? I tried to look in vanilla decompilations for answers but it just had some interface and a blank method for creating one and i looked in many other related classes with no avail. I you know how to do this, I would appreciate your help, Thanks.

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ChunkEvent and ChunkDataEvent. You get access to the chunk's nbt data so you can store and retrieve any custom data you'd like.


Note that chunks are saved and loaded on separate threads, so if you're using any data structures (e.g. HashMap) you will need to make it concurrent.

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