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My mod suddenly appeared on Skydaz, without my knowledge, is that normal?


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Is magically finding your mod hosted on Skydaz.com without you being aware of it normal?


I went to check on AdFly today and noticed I suddenly had new links hosted through my AdFly.  Theses pointed to an installer for my Mod on skyworx.com.  I found that there is an EXE version of my mod on skyworx now and the links are being used like mad (way, way more than the original curse link).  But the links still go through my adfly and are earning the tiny little pittance that adfly gives, and the mod is fully credited to me. 


I just don't understand how this happened without my knowledge, is this just something that happens?  How do they add it to my adfly without my consent?  Should I be concerned?

Check out my Mod: The RPCraft Toolkit!

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The entire point of Skydaz {and a crapload of other sites} is to steal mods and wrap them with their own 'installer'.

You could try sending them a cease and desist, but that's just a giant can of worms.

Welcome to the world of shitty people on the internet.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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