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stdout causing double timestamps causing issues with Multicraft


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I have been Googling about and cannot find any information on this. The situation is that my stdouts to the console are coming through like this:

00:57:57 <>                       Player [00:57:57] [server thread/INFO]: Tyn_Foil connected


This is causing Multicraft to recognize player names like this:

[00:57:57] [server thread/INFO]: Tyn_Foil


This name of course does not match up with the actual player. Is there a way to change the formatting of FML logging without rebuilding the jars? I cannot make changes to Multicraft as I am using a shared host. =( Any ideas to get around it?

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Multicraft really needs to get their act together....

At the very least if they require a specific format of logging they should supply the nessasary log4j.xml config file.

You can go in and change it yourself, just make sure that it's the first thing on the classpath to override everything else.

Go yell at the Multicraft support, you're paying them.

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