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AFK Fish Farms


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I'm not aware of Forge changing anything that would affect this, but your post is a bit vague.


Describe your setup in more detail. Does it work in vanilla? Does it work in Forge with no mods? Does it work in Forge with mods? If not, how doesn't it work?

Please don't PM me to ask for help. Asking your question in a public thread preserves it for people who are having the same problem in the future.

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I have a little bit more info about the AFK fish farm problem. I'm using Minecraft jar 1.8.9 with Forge version The problem is with the droppers and Forge. In straight up vanilla 1.8.9 the droppers will drop the fishing rods. With Forge installed and no mods in the mod folder at all the droppers do not drop the fishing rods. I tested this out several times and that's how it turned out. Forge does something to either the fishing rods or the droppers making it so they won't drop out. I even did a simple small test. Dropper with a button and some fishing rods inside of it. In vanilla each button push will drop a rod but with Forge nothing happens. I tried the droppers facing all directions and even tried placing the button in different places. Nothing. So Droppers and/ or fishing rods seem to be nerfed with Forge. As for the the issue with iron doors mentioned, I don't have that issue with the iron trapdoor. It is still there for standard iron doors in my version of Forge. Posting a log won't help since there is no error happening that a log would help with. It's something in the code somewhere.


EDIT: I decided to do some further testing. I grabbed the latest version of Forge. Version and the bug is gone in it. Droppers now drop fishing rods properly.

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Yes, we fix a bug related to interacting with iron doors. We have for years, get over it.


Sorry to re-open/hijack this thread.


I am currently using a iron door style afk fish farm, and am running into an issue.  When not running forge, it works fine (the bobber stays in the water, the fishing rod keeps pumping).  When I use Forge 1.10.2-, the bobber keeps coming back with each pump of the fishing rod, instead of registering in the water and staying.  I have tested both vanilla and only forge profiles, so I am certain the issue lies in Forge.


Any thoughts or any info you would like from me?

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Yes, we fix a bug related to interacting with iron doors. We have for years, get over it.


If the bug was really fixed, and this is in fact due to that bug, it would be working, no?


This is occurring in the latest version of Forge.  So obviously it either isn't fixed, re-emerged as an issue, or it's a new issue.

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The farms are exploiting a vanilla bug that forge fixes. Hence the farms do not work in forge, since they rely on the bug.


That makes much more sense, thanks for the explanation!


I don't suppose there is a way to individually allow that vanilla bug?  :P

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