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I was looking for the official documentation about forge, and I just find tutorials and old documentation(and short) about olders forge versions.


Well, I just find tutorials, but I'm not use to work with them because are longs, so explained(explaining how to develop java or how to use an IDE) and the most of the cases they haven't the enough Forge information. I want an official not explained documentation, like all software have on its website.


For work, I'm force to read the Forge code or see JavaDoc, but it hasn't how to consume the API, just explains code, and I will prefer read it.


So, how I couldn't find anything, I have installed a simply wiki and I will fill it down starting with 1.8.9 version. I wanted to know If I could copy on the official Wiki the page with "Forge 1.8.9 Documentation". This way the proffessional developer who are used to this kind of documentation can work more confortable.


The structure should be like it

  • Blocks
  • Items
    • Potions
    • Tools
    • ...





And it must have just the necessary documentation, or at least on summary.

For example, for an Item:


// Create the Item
Item test_item = new ItemSword(Item.ToolMaterial.WOOD);

//Register it on Game
GameRegistry.registerItem(test_item, "test_item");

//Register its resource on client
ModelResourceLocation mr = new ModelResourceLocation("examplemod:test_item", "inventory")
Minecraft.getMinecraft().getRenderItem().getItemModelMesher().register(test_item, 0, mr);

And It's an example, really It should has just "Item name", "Item.ToolMaterial Object" etc. And then yes, can be an example.


I have seen that for create a simply Item the people show them "superknowledge" about Java creating non-necessary proxy, classes, singletons and anothers programming models that every developer knows and doesn't need learn it.


So, finally just I can offer the people my job when It will be finished and accept every help for anyone.






Professional backend developer.

Job experience on PHP Backend & Java EE.

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I read the documentation and I think It has to improve. Its information is useful, but it doesn't explain everything about Forge. Forge has a lot of features that aren't on its doc.


That documentation is like a "getting started". Just reading it one time, you will learn it at the moment. And documentation should has to have information about the whole system and features, which you read even if you're an experienced modder.




Professional backend developer.

Job experience on PHP Backend & Java EE.

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