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What The Hell ?!


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Actually you can, all major modern browsers (Chrome,Firefox,IE 8+, etc) support a HTTP header named X-Frame-Options. If a server sends that header with whatever page it is serving, the browser will not allow it to be rendered in a <frame>, <iframe>, or <object> tag.


Since you seem to be using Apache, simply adding the following to your Apache config will make the server send it for everything that it serves.


Header always append X-Frame-Options DENY


Or switch out DENY with SAMEORIGIN if needing to allow framing on your own pages.


For instance, Stackoverflow uses it to prevent sites from framing there content


There are of course techniques to get around it, like scraping the target site and directly rendering the html, but I don't think many of these types of sites do anything more than just include an iframe.


RFC 7034 paper

MDN reference page


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