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GUI Texture is Tiled when Stretched is Desired


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So, now I understand what u and v are.

I've changed to using the func_146110_a function because I read somewhere of a function called "drawTexturedModalRectWithCustomTextureSize". Obviously, that's not a valid function name, but I found the actual function.

Not getting a tiled texture anymore. I've been playing around with the settings, but now it goes off the screen, or shows other things that aren't what is desired (just the one texture). I've updated the github repo with this new code.

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You have to make sure youre texture size is a power of 2 (16x16, 32x32 ... 128x128, 256x256). In there you can create an image with an aspect ratio of 16:9, and than only draw that part from the texture, using the u,v coordinates.

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So, I tried that, and if you check my code (https://github.com/theMusicalGamer/skywardSwordMod.git), I have the "frame" variable print out whenever it draws the screen. For some reason, if you check my logs (which I'll post to the issue on my GitHub repository that I'm creating for this), it will jump from 0 to 164, which is what the frameCap is set for. Any reasons why it would do this?

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Any reasons why it would do this?


So glad you fixed that problem on you own so I didn't have to call you an idiot.


As for the tiling:


Your texture is smaller than the screen.  In order to stretch it, you need to draw the exact size that fits on the texture to a much larger area.  Minecraft's GUI system is set up to draw 1 texture pixel to 2 screen pixels (at default GUI scaling).  You might want to take a look at



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