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[1.9] onItemUseFirst not called server side


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Is this part still being developed? As I see the comment


//TODO: Hook interact event here...


in NetHandlerPlayServer#processPlayerBlockPlacement.


Was needing it, onItemUseFirst, for a mod I wanted to modify to be able to work with 1.9 when I came across the comment. So wasn't sure if there was a change of events or if it just hadn't been implemented yet.

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may the forge version ?


i make some test coz also am updating items from 1.8 and has some trouble replacing the item


and test

[09:02:08] [Client thread/INFO] [sTDOUT]: [mercenarymod.items.materiales.materialesHierroAlrojo:onItemUse:67]: 
onItemUse hand=OFF_HAND mundo=true
[09:02:08] [server thread/INFO] [sTDOUT]: [mercenarymod.items.materiales.materialesHierroAlrojo:onItemUse:67]:
onItemUse hand=OFF_HAND mundo=false
[09:02:12] [Client thread/INFO] [sTDOUT]: [mercenarymod.items.materiales.materialesHierroAlrojo:onItemUse:67]:
onItemUse hand=MAIN_HAND mundo=true
[09:02:12] [server thread/INFO] [sTDOUT]: [mercenarymod.items.materiales.materialesHierroAlrojo:onItemUse:67]: 
onItemUse hand=MAIN_HAND mundo=false



    public EnumActionResult onItemUse(ItemStack stack, EntityPlayer playerIn, World worldIn, BlockPos pos, EnumHand hand, EnumFacing facing, float hitX, float hitY, float hitZ)
	//chat.chatm(playerIn, "onItemUse hand="+hand+" mundo="+worldIn.isRemote);
	System.out.println("onItemUse hand="+hand+" mundo="+worldIn.isRemote);
        return EnumActionResult.PASS;



or may you still use the method as declared in 1.8,

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mi error


now i second it


[11:37:35] [main/INFO] [FML]: Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft 1.9 loading

[11:37:35] [main/INFO] [FML]: Java is Java HotSpot 64-Bit Server VM, version 1.8.0_65, running on Linux:amd64:3.16.0-4-amd64, installed at /opt/jdk1.8.0_65/jre


[11:40:20] [Client thread/INFO] [sTDOUT]: [mercenarymod.items.materiales.materialesHierroAlrojo:onItemUseFirst:71]: onItemUseFirst hand=OFF_HAND mundo=true
[11:40:22] [Client thread/INFO] [sTDOUT]: [mercenarymod.items.materiales.materialesHierroAlrojo:onItemUseFirst:71]: onItemUseFirst hand=OFF_HAND mundo=true
[11:40:25] [Client thread/INFO] [sTDOUT]: [mercenarymod.items.materiales.materialesHierroAlrojo:onItemUseFirst:71]: onItemUseFirst hand=MAIN_HAND mundo=true
[11:40:26] [Client thread/INFO] [sTDOUT]: [mercenarymod.items.materiales.materialesHierroAlrojo:onItemUseFirst:71]: onItemUseFirst hand=MAIN_HAND mundo=true




it only works local side

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We are actually debating on removing onFirstUse as the new mechanics in place make it redundant and the common practice being SHIFT click being the same effect as onFirstUse.

I'd like to see your argumetns for keeping it so that we can be better informed of how the community is using this hook and better decide if it's needed anymore of not.


On the other side of that, Interact events are being re-worked as the entire interaction system changed in 1.9.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/lexmanos
Paypal: http://paypal.me/LexManos

BitCoin: 1Q8rWvUNMM2T1ZfDaFeeYQyVXtYoeT6tTn

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The only argument I can think of is that since onItemUseFirst is called before the block's onRightClick, or whatever the actual event name is, I can return EnumActionResult.SUCCESS and the block's event will not be triggered. Not sure if the new mechanics you mention can do this, if so could you point me in the direction of them?


The only reason for wanting to prevent the block's event is in the case of mods like StorageDrawers. The item will get stored on normal right click, and I was wanting to prevent storing of the item all together in those types of mod.

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