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[1.9] Custom Fire (on Entities)


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so I started coding but now I want to make like a custom fire that acts like the normal fire (not the block, but rather the one you set with entity.setFire()), but has like special things like it won't be affected by water or rain...But I don't have any idea...Should I make a potion effect? If yes how can i render the fire on the entity?

Hope someone knows a way around this^^

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Your best bet would probably to be to give the entity a capability that has a value specialFireTick. Anything that applies your special fire will set the entity on fire using the vanilla fire but it will also make sure that they have your capability and you will assign it some number of ticks. Then subscribe to a tick event (entityTickEvent?) and if the entity has the capability and they specialFireTick is greater than 0 make sure they are on fire.

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