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Color codes in GUI


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My mod has a feature that reads a text files and displays the content in a gui. Now, I need to check if the string contains any color codes (section symbol + color). My problem is how do I turn the color code into an int so I can draw the string.

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FontRender#drawString takes an int parameter for the color, which is a single-value representation of the RGB values.


There are color charts available online, or you can search through Minecraft's code for their chat formatting color codes to find their values.


I have looked at TextFormatting and I was not able to find anything like this. I tried to look at the mc GUIs that can handle colored texts (world selector, resource pack selector, etc) but I was not able to find anything that could help me.

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I don't think there is any sort of color code -> int mapping anywhere in Minecraft. You either map them out yourself, or you ask your users to use the integer value of the color they want rather than a string code.


Well that sucks, I'll probably allow custom ints then as that allows more customization

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