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[1.8.9] GUI problems


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Hi, so basically, when I open my Gui this happens : https://gyazo.com/6b88764f284202da8927003f1caeb4b9


It dupes the items in the inventory, sometimes the gui put the items in one of my armor slots.


+ I don't know why the gui is on the left, I tried to figure that out but  not results.


My classes:


Gui Class:



Container Class:



TileEntity Class:



GuiHandler Class:



Block Class:





The TileEntity is registered in the Client Proxy >>> Init


GameRegistry.registerTileEntity(TileEntityObsidianAnvil.class, "Obsidian_Anvil");



The GuiHandler is registered in the Common Proxy >>> Init


        NetworkRegistry.INSTANCE.registerGuiHandler(Main.instance, new GuiHandler()); 





Could someone help me out please?



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Just binding your texture in drawGuiContainerBackgroundLayer doesn't do anything. You need to draw the background in that method, not drawScreen. You should learn more about GUIs and inventories; look at Vswe's series on interfaces.

is the first video in the series.

Creator of the MyFit, MagiCraft, Tesseract gun, and Papa's Wingeria mod.

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