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  1. How do I get the smooth interpolation instead of the jitteriness though?
  2. No I want them to actually update slowly, for example at 1/2 tick speed skeletons take 2x as long to shoot arrows, not just move slowly. And with the tick speed/ cancelling updates arrows will also slowdown mid air
  3. What do you mean by "remove"? Do you mean that you don't want your entity to collide with players? Also, what Minecraft version are you using?
  4. I have been experimenting with ways to slow players and entities down. I have found a tickspeed changer api that I have been using, and so far it has worked out well. However, when it comes to slowing down entities, I'm having trouble. The tickspeed changer can only change the server tickspeed. When it does this, it makes all of the entities on the server move slowly (animations, movement, updates, etc) and it creates a really good looking slow mo effect. However I only want certain entities to be slowed down, and the tickspeed changer doesn't do that. This meant I went to cancelling updates of certain entities. I only allowed entities to update every few ticks to slow them down. However, this doesn't create the nice slow mo effect that the tickspeed change had. It is all rubber band-y and jittery, and there is no interpolation between updates (well I didn't really expect to have interpolation when cancelling updates, but I want it because it looks great). So, ultimately my question is, what is the best way to slow down an entity? Is there a way to change the tickspeed of certain entities that I'm overlooking? Or is there a way to make the update-cancelling look nice and have interpolation? Thanks in advance.
  5. 1) Where do I find the version that forge depends on? 2) How do I change the version of javax.vecmath that I use? (I use Eclipse)
  6. Oh alright I was way overthinking that. I have another problem, whenever I run gradlew genPatches, I get this error Any help would be appreciated
  7. Thanks! What is the difference between the 'Clean' and 'Forge' projects? Clean seems to be only Minecraft files, whereas Forge is both minecraft files and forge files, but the Forge minecraft files are different than the Clean minecraft files. What's going on?
  8. Thanks! And how would I become a contributor? Also (sorry for all of the questions but that's why I'm here haha) like I was saying in my earlier post, I want to change the way entity updating can be modified. Would it be best to modify the CanUpdate event so you can cancel entity updates (instead of just allowing them when they are supposed to be cancelled) or should I make a new event where entity updates can be cancelled? Thanks
  9. What are the @@ things on the minecraft forge github files? For example @@ -59,8 +59,15 @@
  10. Ahh that makes more sense, sorry about that
  11. I'm following Draco18s's comment. He is talking about editing vanilla classes, which is a core mod
  12. Thanks for the tips! I've tried to figure it out using a core mod tutorial, and I'm having some trouble. How do I find the line of byte code that I want to edit/remove? In the tutorial it uses opcodes of the functions, but I'm not sure how to find those. Here is the tutorial: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/mapping-and-modding-tutorials/1571568-tutorial-1-6-2-changing-vanilla-without-editing Also, could you clarify want you meant by making my call a call to ForgeHooks? Thanks
  13. Thanks for the reply! Where would I do that?
  14. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong or is there another solution?
  15. The CanUpdate event doesn't seem to work; Whenever I cancel an entity (using event.setCanUpdate(false); ) nothing changes. EDIT: Looked at the code for that event, it is only called when the entity CAN'T update, so trying to change it from CAN update to CAN'T update won't work because the even is never called while the entity can update;
  16. Also, could I make the arrows/other projectiles slow down their tick rate as well and how?
  17. So I am doing a mod where I am playing with different tick rates using TickrateChanger API, and I have a few questions. Is it possible to change the tickspeed of the entities in an area? I don't really care about the blocks updating, just the entities. The only way I have found to do it is to modify the server tick rate, but that is the entire server, not just the specified area. How come all of the mobs (Sheep, skeleton, etc) are affected by the tick rate changes, but arrows aren't? They move at normal speed no matter what the server tick rate is. Is there anyway to slow down the attack speed of the player? I know there is a way to do this, I am just really spacing it right now. Thanks in advance
  18. But the event doesn't tell me who the message is going to. I want to change the message based on the recipient.
  19. Yes I know about ServerChatEvent, I want to let the other mods/plugins or whatever dictate where the chat message is going, and my mod just tweaks it on the way
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