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[1.9] Custom villagers get rendered as farmers because of hardcoded vanilla valu


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I am trying to create a custom villager.  I am using the registry system, so I create the proffession first

         String sage = Const.MODRES+"textures/entity/villager/elder.png";

elderProfession = new VillagerProfession(Const.MODRES+"elder", sage){
	    public ResourceLocation getSkin() {
			return sageTexture;


Then I add the career which has the trades

new VillagerCareer(elderProfession, "sage_career"){
       public ITradeList[][] getTrades(){
           return sageTrades;


Now the trades work just fine, the villager spawns when i do


/summon Villager ~ ~ ~ {Profession:5,Career:0}


it also spawns naturally with eggs or breeding.  But the skin does not register.  I looked into EntityVillager.java and see this


    public int getProfession()
        return Math.max(((Integer)this.dataWatcher.get(PROFESSION)).intValue() % 5, 0);


So in other words the %5 sets the maximum limit of 4,  its treating ALL villagers registered using forge as profession zero which is farmer. 


Is there any forge way to do this without relying on reflection or something to override this vanilla method?  I know that [a different modder] on twitter fixed this with a core mod, but i want to do this the 'right' way.


Full Code:



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The %4 is in there to prevent vanilla from crashing.

We need to move the texture getter from using getProfession to getProfessionForge


As for the person who 'fixed' it with a coremod, they an die in a fucking fire.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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