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[Solved] Custom crops dropping dye


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I am adding material crops to my mod and when I went to go add lapis(dye, 1, 4) the "1, 4" is highlited with red and I cant figure out how to make it work with lapis. If I make it a "new ItemStack" like I would when I use it in the crafting recipes, the whole line gets highlighted red.


package ronaldi2001.MoreItems.crops;

import net.minecraft.block.BlockCrops;
import net.minecraft.item.Item;
import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack;
import ronaldi2001.MoreItems.init.MoreItemsItems;

public class MILapisCrop extends BlockCrops {

public MILapisCrop(String name) {

public Item getSeed() {
	return MoreItemsItems.lapis_seeds;

public Item getCrop() {
	return Items.dye, 1, 4;

~ Ronaldi2001

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getCrop only returns the item, you've attempted to return an ItemStack only without actually wrapping the three values in an ItemStack.  So no matter what, that line of code would never compile, never ever ever.

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