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How to make a crafting-recipe WITH Item, you won't loose


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Hey Guys,

first I want to say sorry, because my english maybe can be bad, it's school english...

So my question is, how can I define a crafting recipe, with some factors, wich won't be away after crafting and stay at there slot?

Maybe someone knows Equivalent Exchange, there are many crafting-recipes with the philosophers stone and the stone stays in the slot, even if I've crafted something...So I don't consume it...

My Code:

Relevant parts of the mod_***

public static Block vaporizer;
public static BlockFlower aloeVera;
public static Item aloeVeraAloin;
vaporizer = (new BlockVaporizer(539, 0)) .setBlockName("vaporizer");
	LanguageRegistry.addName(vaporizer, "Vaporizer");
aloeVera = (BlockFlower) new BlockAloeVera(540,0).setBlockName("aloeVera");
	LanguageRegistry.addName(aloeVera, "Aloe Vera");

aloeVeraAloin = (new ItemFoodAloeVeraAloin(904)).setIconIndex(4).setItemName("aloeVeraAloin");
	LanguageRegistry.addName(aloeVeraAloin, "Aloin");
	GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(aloeVeraAloin,1), new Object[]{"A", "V", 'A', mod_eltersmiasmata.aloeVera, 'V', mod_eltersmiasmata.vaporizer});

Ok I want, that you can craft aloeVeraAloin with AloeVera and a vaporizer, the AloeVeraPlant is consumed after crafting but the vaporizer is still there...


Hope you can help me!


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Its a container Item


look in the Item.java an search for the item bucketLava


there is setContainerItem(item) and there comes the item


public static Item test = new Item(111).setContainerItem(test).setItemName("test");


and now when you craft an item with this item look here:


ModLoader.addRecipe(new ItemStack(Item.diamond, 1), new Object[]{"XY", 'X', Item.test, 'Y', Block.dirt});


with this recipe the Dirt will consumed but the test item will be still there. I hope it help.

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I have a note on this.... ok here it is,


Now I haven't tested it myself but I found it here a while back.


You need a Crafting Handler class, and you need to register it in your main mod class with:


GameRegistry.registerCraftingHandler(new Your Crafting Handler());



And then inside the crafting handler, which implements ICraftingHandler, your onCrafting method should look a little something like this.

public void onCrafting(EntityPlayer player, ItemStack item, IInventory inv) 
    for(int i=0; i < inv.getSizeInventory(); i++)
        if(inv.getStackInSlot(i) != null)
            ItemStack j = inv.getStackInSlot(i);
            if(j.getItem() != null && j.getItem() == Your Item)
                ItemStack k = new ItemStack(Your Item, 2, (j.getItemDamage() + 1));
                inv.setInventorySlotContents(i, k);


Basically what this does, is run a check every time something is crafted. It looks in every slot and if it finds Your Item, it replaces that stack with a new stack of 2 of your item, one of which is used up in the crafting. It also adds one damage to the item.

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