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Forge being uncouth with this dang ticking screen error...

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This error...

My friend and I spent hours putting together this custom mod pack, we changed some IDs and the server and client start up perfectly

We can enter single player worlds just fine, so it isn't the 1.8 render distance bug.

We're using forge 1614 for minecraft 1.7.10.

I'm very good with computers, so throw whatever you got at me. It takes quite a while to start my single player and the one hosting is asleep at the moment.

There are very few differences between our current mod pack and the one we used before (that worked fine), I will try to tell you all the differences as best I can.


I've tried removing all NEI plugins along with NEI itself, I've tried removing anything that adds shaders (psychedelicraft), I've made sure the configs are exactly the same(they are and it took a while to look at '-_-) and I've made sure that my forge versions are the same for the server and client.


Differences between mod packs


We have a forge multipart integration addon (forge multipart is auto-added by FML right? Found a forum post about FMP causing this crash but had no time to test?)

Actually have thaumcraft addons this time

TiC addons I've never used : TiC I/O and Iguana Tinker Tweaks

AbyssalCraft is new along with it's integration addon

Immersive integration and Immersive engineering are new (I saw something having to do with them near the bottom of the crash but couldn't pinpoint the issue it talked about)

and finally

Project red along with it's addon that adds blue power functionality


Any and ALL suggestions would be appreciated. I mean really go ham, egg, and cheese on it! I can do a lot with the information.




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Yeah we were going to do that but it really will take a lot of time. Now that my server owner is awake we can start but I was hoping I could get a quick fix... oh well, guess we have to do it the tedious way...


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