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Ideas for simple mods


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Hi, I don't know if this is the right section for this. But I'm learning how to mod, but I don't have any ideas for what I should actually make. So if anyone could give me some ideas that I could make to improve my skill with Forge, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Start with simple stuff. A block that does nothing but has a custom texture. Make an item that does nothing. Make an item that's part of a recipe. Make an item that does something special/custom when you right click on it. Make a mob. Make another mob. Make those mobs hate each other and fight. Make some machines that must be manually interacted with. Make machines that are automatic. Figure out how to interface with another mod (Tinkers Construct and something that provides RF would be good choices IMO)

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It all depends on what you are interested in.

Magic mod? Tech? Agriculture? War? Custom WorldGen? Custom fauna? Flora?

Why not a mix and match?

Maybe something like Extra Utilities, tech & magic combined, with whatever-you-wanted-to-code.


I could say "Make a Jurassic Park clone" or "Star wars clone". Maybe your own RPG-fantasy mod, but, they all sound intimidating. Custom entities, custom-modeled blocks & tiles, heck, maybe your own API so that other's can hook into your mod and make addons/incorporate cross-mod functions.


In the end, I can throw thousands of suggestions, but they'd get scrapped, because they are not what you want to do.


What can you code? What are you prepared to code?


Though, as a few last words of advice, create your own things before you venture out and interact with other mods. If you start out by making an addon, or just something similar to what someone else has done, you can come to lean too much on what has been provided. Learn to make your code from scratch. God knows there are too many lucky-block clones out there ;)


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I'm willing to code pretty much anything, provided it wouldn't take up a disproportionate amount of my time, because I only want to make mods for fun. As for what I can code, I have a firm understanding of java, so that's not an issue. While I don't think forge has the best documentation, the API is still vaguely intuitive for me. The only real hurdle for me when it comes to modding is textures. I can write the logic for my custom entites/items/blocks, but when it comes to texturing them, it's a real struggle for me.

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