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Reading Item lore & colorcode


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Just a quick question; I've already tried playing around with the NBT compounds, but I can't seem to find out how to effectively save the lore of an itemstack in a String list. If anyone has an answer, I'd be delighted to hear it!

Also, is it somehow possible to determine which colorcode was used in an itemname? I tried checking for the sign, e.g.


but it doesn't seem to work.

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You need to use


. Then you can use


to obtain the color (or null). But I am not sure this includes manually specified colors via color codes, so you need to scan for those as well inside



Tried it using

if (item.getEntityItem().getChatComponent().getChatStyle().getColor().equals(TextFormatting.DARK_PURPLE)) {

, but without success

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Ok, where is this purple coming from? What kinda ItemStack is it?

All kind of items, ranging from weapons to slabs; the name is written in color, and as I didn't figure out how to properly read the lore yet, the only way to determine the "rarity" (RPG-server) of the item is to check the color.

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What do you mean by lore? The display name?

Lore is strings to be shown on tooltips stored in the itemstack, and frequently used by bukkit plugin developers.

They stores every information about the itemstack there.

(It's the only way to do that in plugin. Might be abstraction disaster)


This is an example item; In order to know which "rarity" it has, I can either read the color (Aqua = "Legendary") or the lore, which states "Legendary Item"

Is it generated by a plugin? Or another mod?

If it's a mod, there is definitely better way.

If it's a plugin, item.getTagCompound().getCompoundTag("display").getTagList("Lore", 8); gives the nbt list with strings which represents the lore.

use #tagCount which means the size of the list, and #getStringTagAt(i) to get the i-th lore string.

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