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Missing Vanilla Doors


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Originally reported on Reddit here:


Vanilla doors of any kind will disappear, or the top half will disappear, upon exiting and reloading (single player) or logging out and back in (multiplayer, dedicated server).


  • This is a forge issue. I removed all mods and kept only forge in, started a single player creative superflat world, and placed each of the vanilla doors. Upon leaving and re-entering the world, either all of the doors are gone or only half of the door remains (bottom half)
  • Tested and confirmed on forge versions 2028 and 2041
  • This is not a chunkloading issue, I forced the chunks to stay loaded and the issue persisted
  • Occurs on single player or with a dedicated multiplayer server


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Well, that was a nice debugging session going down the rabbit hole that is Vanilla doors.

It's a miracle that they even work in vanilla minecraft as it is.

Either way I've fixed it and potentially other block issues:






I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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