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Game Type Refactoring


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At the moment game types are practically hard coded in via EnumGameType and GuiCreateWorld. The button cycling the game types doesn't even use EnumGameType. This make extremely hard to add your own game type. (see GuICreateWorld.java, line 281)


If maybe EnumGameType were to be refactored into an interface and the GuiCreateWorld were changed to be more maintainable it would allow for custom game types.


I think this would elegantly open the door way to some mods. For example, a game type such as "Zombie Survival" or "RPG", the player may not want their normal worlds to be constantly invaded by zombies, now they wouldn't have to worry because so long as the game type is not set to "Zombie Survival" they won't be bothered by the mod. Alternatively without the game type refactoring you would have to use a command to be able to start zombie survival or force the user to take the mod out of the mods folder each time. It's just more elegant if you could make it a custom game type.


You could take it one step further and give the game types an easy hook for custom huds, allow them to set a custom PlayerController, a custom EntityPlayer, maybe even a custom render routine for drawing things in the world that wouldn't be so easy otherwise. Perhaps a mod could even declare the GameType it uses in the @Mod annotation, then it wouldn't even need to be loaded until the user selects the game type and starts it up. (Although I think forge already does something like this)

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A better way to add an EnumGameType would be great, I need it for my mod.




About custom HUD's, it's pretty easy to add on the render tick but it is however difficult to hide specific parts or it entirely without hiding the held item.



It looks like a player's PlayerController is set when a player logs in and can be set with IPlayerTracker's onPlayerLogin.



A custom EntityPlayer isn't really needed since you can save to the player's nbt and do things using ticks already.



Rendering to the world can be done with the render tick or the RenderWorldLast event.



I also don't see the point of declaring the GameType in the @Mod annotation, it would most likely be registered with GameRegistry.registerGameType(EnumGameType)

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I'm working on a PR for FML. Except I developed it all in a MinecraftForge dev environment, so I have to move it over to an FML dev environment. Other then that, it works. I'll post a link to the PR here when I submit it.

Protip: try and find answers yourself before asking on the forum.

It's pretty likely that there is an answer.


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Tired of waiting for mods to port to bukkit?

use BukkitForge! (now with a working version of WorldEdit!)

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