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Minecraft Crashes on World Load


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Hey, I have been making a modpack recently, and upon trying to enter a world minecraft crashes with a report that I have never seen before, if you have any idea how to fix this please help >.<

P.S. I have done some looking around, and have not come up with any useful fixes.



---- Minecraft Crash Report ----

// I'm sorry, Dave.


Time: 8/10/16 1:17 AM

Description: Exception in server tick loop


java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 23

at hardcorequesting.network.DataReader.readVersion(DataReader.java:127)

at hardcorequesting.network.FileHelper.loadData(FileHelper.java:107)

at hardcorequesting.QuestingData.load(QuestingData.java:438)

at hardcorequesting.WorldEventListener.onLoad(WorldEventListener.java:23)

at cpw.mods.fml.common.eventhandler.ASMEventHandler_890_WorldEventListener_onLoad_Load.invoke(.dynamic)

at cpw.mods.fml.common.eventhandler.ASMEventHandler.invoke(ASMEventHandler.java:54)

at cpw.mods.fml.common.eventhandler.EventBus.post(EventBus.java:140)

at net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer.func_71247_a(IntegratedServer.java:73)

at net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer.func_71197_b(IntegratedServer.java:92)

at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:387)

at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer$2.run(MinecraftServer.java:685)



A detailed walkthrough of the error, its code path and all known details is as follows:



-- System Details --


Minecraft Version: 1.7.10

Operating System: Windows 10 (amd64) version 10.0

Java Version: 1.8.0_25, Oracle Corporation

Java VM Version: Java HotSpot 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Oracle Corporation

Memory: 527157352 bytes (502 MB) / 2882535424 bytes (2749 MB) up to 4056416256 bytes (3868 MB)

JVM Flags: 4 total; -XX:HeapDumpPath=MojangTricksIntelDriversForPerformance_javaw.exe_minecraft.exe.heapdump -Xmx4352m -Xms256m -XX:PermSize=256m

AABB Pool Size: 0 (0 bytes; 0 MB) allocated, 0 (0 bytes; 0 MB) used

IntCache: cache: 0, tcache: 0, allocated: 0, tallocated: 0

FML: MCP v9.05 FML v7.10.99.99 Minecraft Forge 195 mods loaded, 195 mods active

States: 'U' = Unloaded 'L' = Loaded 'C' = Constructed 'H' = Pre-initialized 'I' = Initialized 'J' = Post-initialized 'A' = Available 'D' = Disabled 'E' = Errored

UCHIJAA mcp{9.05} [Minecraft Coder Pack] (minecraft.jar)

UCHIJAA FML{} [Forge Mod Loader] (forge-1.7.10-

UCHIJAA Forge{} [Minecraft Forge] (forge-1.7.10-

UCHIJAA appliedenergistics2-core{rv2-stable-10} [AppliedEnergistics2 Core] (minecraft.jar)

UCHIJAA CartFixes{0.1.0} [steve's Cart Fixes] (minecraft.jar)

UCHIJAA CodeChickenCore{} [CodeChicken Core] (minecraft.jar)

UCHIJAA NotEnoughItems{} [Not Enough Items] (NotEnoughItems-1.7.10-

UCHIJAA OpenComputers|Core{} [OpenComputers (Core)] (minecraft.jar)

UCHIJAA OpenEye{0.6} [OpenEye] (OpenEye-0.6-1.7.10.jar)

UCHIJAA MobiusCore{1.3.1-MAPLESS_1.7.10} [MobiusCore] (minecraft.jar)

UCHIJAA ThaumicTinkerer-preloader{0.1} [Thaumic Tinkerer Core] (minecraft.jar)

UCHIJAA OpenModsCore{0.9.1} [OpenModsCore] (minecraft.jar)

UCHIJAA <CoFH ASM>{000} [CoFH ASM] (minecraft.jar)

UCHIJAA BinniePatcher{1.8.2} [binnie Patcher] (minecraft.jar)

UCHIJAA FastCraft{1.23} [FastCraft] (fastcraft-1.23.jar)

UCHIJAA debug{1.0} [debug] (denseores-1.6.2.jar)

UCHIJAA bspkrsCore{6.15} [bspkrsCore] ([1.7.10]bspkrsCore-universal-6.15.jar)

UCHIJAA ArmorStatusHUD{1.27} [ArmorStatusHUD] ([1.7.10]ArmorStatusHUD-client-1.27.jar)

UCHIJAA StartingInventory{1.7.10.r03} [startingInventory] ([1.7.10]StartingInventory-universal-1.7.10.r03.jar)

UCHIJAA StatusEffectHUD{1.26} [statusEffectHUD] ([1.7.10]StatusEffectHUD-client-1.26.jar)

UCHIJAA appliedenergistics2{rv2-stable-10} [Applied Energistics 2] (appliedenergistics2-rv2-stable-10.jar)

UCHIJAA bdlib{} [bD Lib] (bdlib-

UCHIJAA ae2stuff{} [AE2 Stuff] (ae2stuff-

UCHIJAA AgriCraft{1.7.10-1.5.0} [AgriCraft] (AgriCraft-1.7.10-1.5.0.jar)

UCHIJAA CoFHCore{1.7.10R3.1.3} [CoFH Core] (CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.1.3-327.jar)

UCHIJAA asielib{0.4.5} [asielib] (AsieLib-1.7.10-0.4.5.jar)

UCHIJAA Baubles{} [baubles] (Baubles-1.7.10-

UCHIJAA aura{unspecified} [Aura Cascade] (AuraCascade-557.jar)

UCHIJAA AWWayofTime{v1.3.3} [blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry] (BloodMagic-1.7.10-1.3.3-17.jar)

UCHIJAA Thaumcraft{} [Thaumcraft] (Thaumcraft-1.7.10-

UCHIJAA Botania{r1.8-249} [botania] (Botania r1.8-249.jar)

UCHIJAA Avaritia{1.11} [Avaritia] (Avaritia-1.11.jar)

UCHIJAA Backpack{2.0.1} [backpack] (backpack-2.0.1-1.7.x.jar)

UCHIJAA Mantle{1.7.10-0.3.2.jenkins191} [Mantle] (Mantle-1.7.10-0.3.2b.jar)

UCHIJAA Natura{2.2.0} [Natura] (natura-1.7.10-2.2.1a2.jar)

UCHIJAA Forestry{} [Forestry for Minecraft] (forestry_1.7.10-

UCHIJAA beebetteratbees{0.2} [beeBetterAtBees] (BeeBetterAtBees-0.3.jar)

UCHIJAA HardcoreQuesting{4.4.4} [Hardcore Questing Mode] (HQM-FerretBusiness-Custom (4.4.4).jar)

UCHIJAA BeeSpecific{1.0.0} [bee Specific] (BeeSpecific-1.7.10-1.0.0.jar)

UCHIJAA betterquesting{1.0.141} [better Questing] (BetterQuesting-1.0.141.jar)

UCHIJAA BiblioCraft{1.11.5} [biblioCraft] (BiblioCraft[v1.11.5][MC1.7.10].jar)

UCHIJAA ThermalFoundation{1.7.10R1.2.5} [Thermal Foundation] (ThermalFoundation-[1.7.10]1.2.5-115.jar)

UCHIJAA ThermalExpansion{1.7.10R4.1.3} [Thermal Expansion] (ThermalExpansion-[1.7.10]4.1.3-246.jar)

UCHIJAA BigReactors{0.4.3A} [big Reactors] (BigReactors-0.4.3A.jar)

UCHIJAA BinnieCore{2.0-pre14} [binnie Core] (binnie-mods-2.0-pre14.jar)

UCHIJAA Botany{2.0-pre14} [botany] (binnie-mods-2.0-pre14.jar)

UCHIJAA ExtraBees{2.0-pre14} [Extra Bees] (binnie-mods-2.0-pre14.jar)

UCHIJAA ExtraTrees{2.0-pre14} [Extra Trees] (binnie-mods-2.0-pre14.jar)

UCHIJAA Genetics{2.0-pre14} [Genetics] (binnie-mods-2.0-pre14.jar)

UCHIJAA BrandonsCore{} [brandon's Core] (BrandonsCore-

UCHIJAA BuildCraft|Core{7.1.16} [buildCraft] (buildcraft-7.1.16.jar)

UCHIJAA BuildCraft|Builders{7.1.16} [bC Builders] (buildcraft-7.1.16.jar)

UCHIJAA BuildCraft|Transport{7.1.16} [bC Transport] (buildcraft-7.1.16.jar)

UCHIJAA BuildCraft|Energy{7.1.16} [bC Energy] (buildcraft-7.1.16.jar)

UCHIJAA BuildCraft|Silicon{7.1.16} [bC Silicon] (buildcraft-7.1.16.jar)

UCHIJAA BuildCraft|Robotics{7.1.16} [bC Robotics] (buildcraft-7.1.16.jar)

UCHIJAA BuildCraft|Factory{7.1.16} [bC Factory] (buildcraft-7.1.16.jar)

UCHIJAA BuildCraft|Compat{7.1.3} [buildCraft Compat] (buildcraft-compat-7.1.3.jar)

UCHIJAA TwilightForest{2.3.7} [The Twilight Forest] (twilightforest-1.7.10-2.3.7.jar)

UCHIJAA ForgeMultipart{} [Forge Multipart] (ForgeMultipart-1.7.10-

UCHIJAA chisel{} [Chisel] (Chisel-

UCHIJAA CarpentersBlocks{3.3.8} [Carpenter's Blocks] (Carpenter's Blocks v3.3.8 - MC 1.7.10.jar)

UCHIJAA catwalks{2.0.4} [Catwalks Mod] (catwalks-2.0.4.jar)

UCHIJAA catwalkmod{x.x.x} [Legacy Catwalk Compat] (catwalks-2.0.4.jar)

UCHIJAA ComputerCraft{1.75} [ComputerCraft] (ComputerCraft1.75.jar)

UCHIJAA EnderStorage{} [EnderStorage] (EnderStorage-1.7.10-

UCHIJAA MrTJPCoreMod{} [MrTJPCore] (MrTJPCore-

UCHIJAA ProjRed|Core{4.7.0pre12.95} [ProjectRed Core] (ProjectRed-1.7.10-4.7.0pre12.95-Base.jar)

UCHIJAA ProjRed|Transmission{4.7.0pre12.95} [ProjectRed Transmission] (ProjectRed-1.7.10-4.7.0pre12.95-Integration.jar)

UCHIJAA OpenComputers{} [OpenComputers] (OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-

UCHIJAA Waila{1.5.10} [Waila] (Waila-1.5.10_1.7.10.jar)

UCHIJAA CompactMachines{1.7.10-1.21} [Compact Machines] (compactmachines-1.7.10-1.21.jar)

UCHIJAA compactstorage{v2.0.0a} [CompactStorage] (compactstorage-1.7.10-release-2.1.0-lts.21-universal.jar)

UCHIJAA ComputerCraftEdu{1.74} [ComputerCraftEdu] (ComputerCraftEdu1.74.jar)

UCHIJAA endercore{1.7.10-} [EnderCore] (EnderCore-1.7.10-



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java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 23

  at hardcorequesting.network.DataReader.readVersion(DataReader.java:127)

  at hardcorequesting.network.FileHelper.loadData(FileHelper.java:107)

  at hardcorequesting.QuestingData.load(QuestingData.java:438)

  at hardcorequesting.WorldEventListener.onLoad(WorldEventListener.java:23)


HQM's data is corrupt. Delete its data from your save and restore it from a backup (if you have one).

Please don't PM me to ask for help. Asking your question in a public thread preserves it for people who are having the same problem in the future.

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