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Block and items are disappearing!


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I am not sure where to post this but i figured i would try here.


The Issue is am having is blocks and items are disappearing on my server and i have no clue what is causing it or when it is happening. So far block from RFTools, AE2, EnderIO, and Extra Utilitys have done it. I have looked at the server logs and didn't find anything so i thought maybe Fastcraft or Opis was doing it but no luck there. The last this i could think to do was to check for forge config and make sure that B:removeErroringEntities and B:removeErroringTileEntities were set to false and they were. At this point i have no clue what i should do to try and fix this.


You can find the pack here if you want to look at the configs and modlist. The only changes i have made to the server is i have Opis and ForgeEssentials installed.



Here is a link to my OneDrive where i put the server logs




Minecraft version: 1.7.10

Forge version:

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