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[SOLVED] What is OreRecipe ?


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What is the difference between ShapedRecipes/ShapelessRecipes and ShapedOreRecipe/ShapelessOreRecipe ?

The difference between Shaped and Shapeless is one has a required "order" and the other allows you to place the items in any slot as long as all of the items are there. I do not know why exactly but if I were to guess it is so you can say hey take this String and take any and all items registered under this string and put them in this recipe?


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The Ore recipes, make use of one or more items from the OreDictionary.

If I want a recipe to use any type of dye, like bonemeal, and also include any other dyes added by other mods, like Forestry drops, then I'd just have to specify the string "dye".

For a dye of a specific colour, I'd specify something like "dyeBlack".


Common OreDict names and naming conventions can be found here.

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