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Different FPS in SP vs MP


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Hello there, new guy need some enlightenment over here xD


Recently started exploring the wonderful world of modded Minecraft, worked pretty well so far except for the FPS issue. I'm playing on version 1.7.1 due to some mods do not exist on newer versions.


So the problem is when hosting and playing Minecraft(same computer) in multiplayer I get low fps swinging between 5-25 depending on if new chunks has to be loaded. On the other hand when playing singleplayer I get 250+, and this is with the same mods and the server still running in the background(with server off obviously fps spikes up even further).


I borrowed a second computer from a friend, I used it to join the hosted server and there is no low fps issues there. I've tried adding more ram both to the server and to the game but it didn't give any results.


Whenever i'm looking at task manager, there is really no bottleneck and there is plenty of leeway on CPU processing (currently 20-30% when both server and game on). I have dual monitors but just to test it out, no fps difference even with just one monitor.


What am I missing?


Here is the computer specs:


Intel i7 4930k

32GB ram

GTX 980

256 SSD


I'm sorry for the wall of text, all help is appreciated!





After some research on these forums, I see that 1.7.1 is no longer supported here. I keep this post up and hoping someone could help me anyways, otherwise I'll just bite the dust and play the game solo whenever I want to use those specific mods :)







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