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Targeting blocks for destruction.


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I am currently working on a block that will act as a quarry. However, I am currently stuck on how to actually target a specific block in the world for destruction. I have tried world.setBlockWithNotify(x,y,z,0) but after the blocks were destroyed I could not run into the area as I kept hitting an invisible wall of blocks (the new 'air' blocks i guess?).


Any ideas?

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Look at buildcraft, it is open source you know



I have looked at buildcraft and he too uses setBlockwithNotify to replace blocks with air blocks once they are mined. My issue is that when I do the same thing the blocks do get replaced but I cant walk into the new 'air' blocks without being pushed back away from them as if they are still solid blocks.

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Rather than replacing the blocks with air, make a small explosion that's 1 block big and won't spawn any particle effects. It's something like

Explosion exp = new Explosion()



or you could try World.spawnExplosion()

That should break the blocks properly


"you seem to be THE best modder I've seen imo."




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