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Packaging a "Mod Pack"


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So I have recently finished getting all of my mods in my Modpack all up and running and I'm going to be opening a server to play with my friends on.

Only problem is they aren't very technical. Trying to guide all of them to installing forge then putting my configs in their folder, blah blah blah might make their heads explode, or mine.


So I looked around on the internet, googled every term I could think of and tried to find the answer to no avail.

What is the easiest way to package all of my Mods and distribute them? I have changed configs so those need to be there, and I have 2 core mods (NEI), and a bunch of mods in the folder.

The .zip Mods are easy because I can plop those in the minecraft.jar the only problem I am seeing is the .jar mods (Buildcraft, IC2, etc) is there an easy "Package and send" solution or is there a way to include the .jars in the minecraft.jar?

If I have to decompile and then recompile that's fine, I would just need a quick explanation on it.


Thanks in advance for the help guys, this is my last hurdle from the past week to let these guys play with me. :P

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You should NEVER be installing mods into your jar thats a horrible horrible thing to do.

The ONLY things that should be in your jar are forge, and optifine if you want it.


Aside from that go look into MultiMC it's instance folder is fairly straight forward.

But be sure to get permissions before re-distribuiting peoples mods.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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