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Delay on block break


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At this point i only have the latest version of forge for MC 1.4.6 installed w/no MODs not even optifine. Whenever i play with forge installed i get a delay in the block break if i am not using the correct tool to break the block. Example when i cut a tree down using a pickaxe the game makes the breaking sound but the piece of wood take another 4secs to show it missing. While if i use an axe to break the tree it works just fine. this happens only when using the wrong tool for the job, such as a sword for dirt same result yet when i use the shovel it work out just fine, and this is all while playing locally when i play on a server the delay is as bad or worse, at times it shows the block gone but if i walk into the space the block was i get stuck into a wall that isnt there, i have to log off and but on and i see the block i just "broke" is still intact. it has to be forge related as it only happens when i have forge installed, when i play with out it i can break any block with anything i want and it all works as expected.

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Update to the latest forge, there was a small tweak done to the effiancy enchant, also, I am unable to reproduce the block log, profiler information would use useful.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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