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Mod forum need to be more like mcport in the old days IMO


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I love forge but I have to say finding forge mods are really hard... Mcport did a beautiful job in describing the mods and weather it was a server mod, but they have lost there way and its my understanding they have moved here...


Here's my suggestion:


Mod forum organized in 3 categories

1. Server mods/Plugins

2. Core mods - links to mods like redpower, forestry, ic2 buildcraft, because even though most of us who have been on the block a while know these mods I see new players everyday who have never heard of mine factory or forestry


3. Addon mods like nuclear control or extra bees, iron chest.


I have spend hours digging for a plugin to handle adding some kind of VIP perk even just change chat so a VIP donator could be recognized but found nothing on here the find figsu mods and searching it find on google it was on your site but I missed it.  I run a forum for my server so I know the task is daunting but would be able to help if you need it.

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