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IC2 recipe remover/changer needed


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I desperately need a mod to modify or at the very least remove existing recipes. I want to use it with the direwolf20 modpack from FTB. The mod reciperemover by ShadowDragon sadly cannot deal with IC2 recipes.


I would be VERY grateful for a hint where I can find such a mod since it is the only obstacle left for my FTB server to go public, thanks!


EDIT: Shadowdragons mod is okay, it is IC2 that is being a pain with its non-standard recipes. now looking for a different solution as well in a new thread because it would be COMPLETELY different. Also edited the title and text above accordingly!

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I found out this is a problem of IC2 that has its own crafting recipe system. So I will need to find something that can deal with IC2 that I know HAS an interface for modifying its recipes (GregTech, Railcraft and other mods use it) but I don't know where to request a mod like that - can somebody help me or point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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If it is that easy, then could you give me a link or a decent hint? I have been googling for HOURS not finding anything about how to use Industrialcraft API. I can use Java and I just spent some more hours setting up my eclipse and watching basic forge mod tutorials so it doesn't even have to be fully idiot proof.

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Step 1: decompile minecraft with forge

Step 2: make a basic mod file(be sure to set client required and server required to false)

Step 3: install the ic2 API in the src package

Step 4: look for the part of the ic2 API that handles recipes

Step 5: on preint disable whatever recipies you want

Step 6: run the .bat recompil

Step 7: run the .bat reObsfucate

Step 8: get the mod file from the reObsfucate folder

Step 9: put in your servers mod folder (be sure to have it load after ic2)

Step 10: Please give me a thank you :D

EDIT: just so you know the mod will not work in eclipse. It'll either crash or not do anything. This is simply because the API doesn't actually do anything itself, it instead redirects the requests to other files AKA ic2. This is nothing to worry about, as it should run normally within a compiled version of minecraft.

"you seem to be THE best modder I've seen imo."




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Let me give you a great part of that thank you right now ;)


Now I just have one more (probably trivia,l but google didn't help) question: How do I make sure it loads after IC2? I guess since the file would be newer I could just keep my fingers crossed, but I would hate to make something that just works randomly (also want to post it here if/when it works).

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Just rename it to "z*Insert what you named it here*"


That works for windows but does it work for Linux? I saw that exact advice in many places where it was always rejected with that exact reason: "won't work on Linux". I will give it a try though, thanks.


Will also try to mess with making a coremod (should load first) and add recipes that use the same components. Maybe I can mess up IC2 recipes that way without breaking the server ^^


EDIT: Holy cow... pain. Lots of pain and badly documented stuff. I will poke this some more but looks like forge isn't really easy to get into. Sad.

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