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Increased Hidden Entity Limit Possible?


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On behalf of our household and our circle of friends I would like to humbly ask if there is a way in the future to increase the vanilla entity limit in a fashion similar to how the vanilla item and block ID system was expanded for Forge and to suggest this feature if it is indeed possible!


Thank you for any feedback or consideration.  I do understand that only a small portion of the community hits this limit, and without Traincraft it was actually almost impossible for us to hit it with our other mods.



Here is one example of why we are asking for this:


I have been messing with minecraft servers/mods/etc for quite some time and my family and I (wife, daughters) recently decided that instead of having several different small mod packs on our LAN server that we wanted to merge them into 1 big pack with most of the mods and then 2 smaller packs (1 for Sim-U-Kraft and 1 for Clay Soldiers Mod).  The problem we ran into quickly was the hidden entity limit.


When trying to add Traincraft to our main pack the game will not load, giving an entity limit error.  Upon speaking with the authors of Traincraft, that mod alone adds 165+ entities that all count towards the limit.  We were forced to choose between removing mods like Mo'Creatures and Project Zulu and others OR to remove Traincraft.  We opted for now to make yet another small pack that includes TrainCraft with Clay Soldiers and a few other mods that we didn't put into our main pack (Pacman arcade, Birds mod, several others).

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If you're refering to what I think you are, there is no limit if modders use the mechanics put in place by Forge.

In vanilla minecraft each entity needs a unique id number, and it has to be <256

We can not change this without screwing up a lot of vanilla classes, there are a lot of places that use this that assume its a byte, specifically the network code.

In forge, if you use it's functionality, each MOD gets its own set of 256 ids.


So this a mod issue, not a Forge issue.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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