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world.createExplosion called on server, but not propagating to clients.


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Hey guys, I'm having an issue where I call world.createExplosion on the server side, but the explosion doesn't propagate to clients..

I even wrote my own networking to notify clients and have the function be called.. Of course I forgot that it uses RNG so the explosion comes out different then on the server.

Shouldn't the networking already be done for us though?


Edit: My problem is only occurring when I am a certain distance away from the explosion. I wonder if explosions aren't sent to clients if they were a certain distance away?


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its your code, because my world.createExplosions works very well, in the client and server, also im not using any kinda of packets or these network stuff.


My code worked on older versions of Minecraft/Minecraftforge.. The explosion happens on the server side, and correctly propagates to clients when I am within a certain range.

But in older versions of minecraft/minecraftforge I could go extremely far away and it would still work

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