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Problem with Installing Forge for 1.4.7


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I've been having quite a problem installing Forge in Minecraft 1.4.7. Here's my checklist of what I do:


1. Downlaod latest verison of Forge, 6.6.0 for 1.4.7; CHECK

2. Make sure I have a version of winRAR; CHECK

3. Open up bin file under .minecraft; CHECK

4. Open up zipped forge file of correct version, 6.6.0 for 1.4.7; CHECK

5. Open up minecraft.exe file using winRAR; CHECK

6. Delete META-INF file that is within the minecraft.exe file; CHECK

8. Drag files from zipped Forge file into minecraft.exe file; CHECK

9. Closes all windows once the files are finished loading to minecraft.exe; CHECK

10. Open Minecraft to see if Forge is working properly; CHECKEROO

11. Sees Forge working correctly; UNCHECKED


For some reason, when I start up Minecraft after installing Forge, it just starts up like normal, not opening up the little Forge window that does...whatever it does(has soemthing to do with downloading libraries, right?). And when the main meanu comes up, there is no new Mods button, and no words in the bottom left corner saying how many mods installed and what version of Minecraft Forge is running, jsut the version of Minecraft itself. If you guys are going to ask me for a crash log or something, DO NOT, because I'm not getting one. Minecraft is just starting up like its normal, unmodded self. Did I instal Forge incorrectly? I did notice there was no META-INF file in the zipped Forge file. Does that have something to do with it?

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