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[Solved] Container slot background icon

Jay Avery

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I want to give some of my slots custom background icons (like the vanilla armour slots have). I tried setting the backgroundName or backgroundLocation in the constructor - when I do the first, it renders as the missing image texture, when I do the second it has the usual blank background. Am I missing something obvious?

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13 minutes ago, Leomelonseeds said:

You should read the vanilla minecraft classes and find out what they do.

I've already done that. The vanilla armour slots override Slot#getSlotTexture and return a string with the path to the texture. Doing that in my slots also resulted in the missing image texture. I've read through the Slot class but it seems to use a convoluted mixture of strings and ResourceLocations, and something to do with TextureAtlasSprites - I have no idea what those are.

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Finally got it working! I had to use TextureStitchEvent.Pre to register the sprite, like so:

public void textureStich(TextureStitchEvent.Pre event) {

    event.getMap().registerSprite(new ResourceLocation("jjmod:gui/backpack_slot"));


And also set the background name to the same string in the Slot constructor:

this.backgroundName = "jjmod:gui/backpack_slot";


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