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  1. Sorry, but 1.7.10 is no longer supported here. Please update!
  2. No. Vanilla source code is important. Don't try to not include it. Lots of helpful info there.
  3. Aroma1997Core-1.9.4- That coremod is for 1.9.4, and all other mods are for 1.10.2? What? Ok looking through the crash, it seems like some of your mods are not for 1.10.2, instead 1.9.4. FIX IT.
  4. Sorry I posted something wrong... Is there any way to delete this?
  5. Ok, now I officially use freedns.afraid.org, it works fine too. Don't even need to renew it!
  6. Nevermind, I got it working. Running into some problems with a free domain from freenom tho...
  7. Post the fml-latest.log file located in your .minecraft folder.
  8. Thanks! Have port fowarded but the firewall seems to be blocking stuff. Any suggestions? (beside turning it off)
  9. Hey guys, I just came here to ask a quick question, is port-fowarding my computer a good idea? Or should I just stick to Hamachi? Also, would a hosting service be a good idea, and if so, how do I import my stuff into the service?
  10. Try checking the snowball classes and see how the vanilla classes do it. I expect you already have, but still try... On second note, you need to do something that detects your Players facing and then pass the values into the the entity.
  11. Isin't there EntityPlayer ? Decompile and check classes of NEI, that might help...
  12. My opinion is that most wikis and mod sites will say that the generators give energy to the pipes. But I think It makes most sense that cables take energy from the generators. But it could go either way. (Think of an if statement)
  13. Probably... Check the classes of the mods that do this and get some info there. Or you can wait for a reply here from an experienced modder (not me :P). Or both.
  14. Does your IDE give errors under swingArm? Hover over it and it should give you parameters.
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