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[1.11.2] [solved] Need help with 3x5 crafting


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So... i've been trying to figure this out all day, I had the bright idea to use vanilla's code for this idea where I'd make a custom shaped crafting system 3x5 in this case. Technically it should work but its not picking up either the recipe or the result for it. 




crafting manager:




result slot:






this is how I register the crafting recipe:

AssemblyTableCraftingManager.getInstance().addRecipe(new ItemStack(BlockHandler.compostBin, 1), new Object[] {"P P", "P P", "P P", "P P", "PPP", 'P', Blocks.IRON_BLOCK});

Yes, the recipe is actually being called since i've got multiple regular crafting recipes in the same method that do work. I really can't find the issue as to what is causing the problem... 

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3 hours ago, Animefan8888 said:

Have you tried running it through your IDEs debugger? Or even adding some printlns?

After some sleep I decided to browse through the code again looking for the issue, first thing first I instantly noticed the issue... apparently I forgot to change the amount of columns in the for loops in both "boolean matches" and "checkMatch". It's all working properly now, thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.  I really should stop trying to problem solve when tired as heck :P

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