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Minecraft 1.4.7 + FML Crashes while loading Joypad mod


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I've recently switched from using ModLoader to using ForgeModLoader, and I had made sure to start off with a clean version of minecraft.jar during the switch, as well as using the latest build of ForgeModLoader. While I liked the mods that were supported with ForgeModLoader, the one mod I REALLY missed was the Joypad mod. I use a Logitech F130 USB gamepad to play, and this mod had the needed driver to support it. I liked this mod because it meant that it was having the game itself react to input events to control the gameplay, which makes the control more "complete", rather than having a third-party keymapping software try to interpret the controller's input for the game. Anyways, I've tried adding this mod a number of ways to make it work, all with no success:

[*]I've tried making the Joypad mod's class files into a jar to load as a mod, and tried putting the jar into either the "mod" or "coremod" folders.

[*]I tried adding ForgeModLoader's class files first into minecraft.jar, then adding Joypad's class files after, then ran

$ jar uf ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar ./

[*]I tried the opposite: Adding Joypad's class files, then adding ForgeModLoader's class files, then running

$ jar uf ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar ./

All three methods proved useless, but only with the last 2 methods would I get a crash report. Furthermore, I noticed that on the 3rd method, it took longer to load, meaning the issue has to be something in the Joypad mod. I don't even know if the developer of that mod is planning to make his code compatible with ForgeModLoader, though. If there is no workaround for getting his mod to work with ForgeModLoader, I'd like to at least ask if gamepad support could be a consideration for the next release of ForgeModLoader. I've put the crash report from Minecraft and the ForgeModLoader-client.0.log below. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks!





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I have not dissected the Joypad mod to see exactly what it does, however as it is a base class editing mod, the burden of support is on there end. We do not support mods that edit base classes.

All the tools are available for them to become base clean but its up to them.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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