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a few gui questions


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first if you look on the wiki there are several tutorials (All which are listed here: http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Tutorials)

Some which involve the ore dictionary.


As for the multiple inputs and outputs(for a blockContainer?) I know I have seen tutorials on these kinds of things but I can't seem to recall where, if you browse youtube and the mc forums and do some searching I'm sure you will find them :)


The last question is quite easy to answer, just open the TileEntityFurnace.java file inn eclipse while you are modding and read the code, you should be able to figure out exactly how it works and how long it burns and WHY :)


I'm not really sure what you meant inn the first question, but I assume you want a furnace which outputs to two slots and if so, I know there are tutorials written about it :)



If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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so i think i got it working i got this here


1.Fuel for ore dictionary


this seems to work but i decide i am not going to use it because i need to which type it is so i am going to remove needing a fuel and put three inputs so i will need to change the recipe file to have 3 inputs

public static int essence = OreDictionary.getOreID("essence");


2.How long the furnace takes to make an item


this also seems to work

                 if (this.isBurning() && this.canSmelt())
                         if (this.CookTime == 10000)
                                 this.CookTime = 0;
                                 var2 = true;


3. Multiple inputs and outputs


so from what i can tell i need to add this in update entity


Item var3 = this.ItemStacks[3].getItem().getContainerItem();
this.ItemStacks[3] = var3 == null ? null : new ItemStack(var3);



from what i see slot 0 is output, slot 1 is input and slot 2 is coal not 100% sure though so i would change slot 2 to input and slot 3 to input and slot 4 to output


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