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[1.11.2] [SOLVED] Scale a GUI


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I've got a question: How do I change the scale of my Gui?

I know there is a scale function in GlStateManager, but using this alone breaks

my Gui, as it is no longer centered.


Here is my code:

public class GuiBooks extends GuiScreen {

    private int left;
    private int top;
    private final int guiWidth = 146;
    private final int guiHeight = 182;

    public void initGui() {
        this.left = this.width / 2 - this.guiHeight / 2;
        this.top = this.height / 2 - this.guiHeight / 2;
    public void drawScreen(int mouseX, int mouseY, float partialTicks) {
        super.drawScreen(mouseX, mouseY, partialTicks);
        GlStateManager.color(1.f, 1.f, 1.f, 1.f);
        this.drawTexturedModalRect(this.left, this.top, 0, 0, this.guiWidth, this.guiHeight);


Just to mention, later I will add buttons and stuff like that to the Gui, so it shouldn't break those things when scaling the Gui (like that the bounding box for the button is after scaling on a different position than the button).


Thx in advance.


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I just found out, there is a class called ScaledResolution which could be usefull for this, but

as this class does not has any documentation I don't know how (or if I should) use this

class in combination with GlStateManager.scale.

I also don't know how to recalculate the mouse position after applying the scale stuff.

Developer of Primeval Forest.

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6 minutes ago, JTK222 said:

Do you mean scale like increase the width by 5 pixels or like stretch that GUI for 10 pixels?

And this thread might be useful for you too: 


I mean something like what the GUI Scale Option from Minecraft does.

So when I create a GUI for my Mod which is a bit small I can just scale it to be bigger and when some

other GUI is too big I can scale it down, without having to change anything globally.


Oh and I already looked at that thread.

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Developer of Primeval Forest.

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You could render your GUI directly with Tessellator's VertexBuffer object. See how vanilla handles it in the various Gui.class methods(including the 'drawTexturedModalRect you are already using'), experiment with it, it is pretty simple. You will then put your desired positions into the vertex buffer. You can calculate those positions based on your desired 'scale'.

Or you could directly use GlStateManger's scale method. Just do not forget to push/pop the state matrix to not mess up the rendering of anything else and after/before scaling you would want to GlStateManger.translate your Gui position to adapt to scale changes(think of it as GlStateManager's scale will simply multiply ALL positions of your Gui(typically 4 corners of it) by the numbers you give to it without having a care about the current screen's size so you need to offset the position to display the Gui correctly).

I would recommend tessellator's vertexbuffer though.

Also note that in both cases you would have to implement custom buttons if you want them to work as they operate with parameters they are constructed with to check if the mouse is hovering over the button and those will obviously not scale on their own

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